Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Teach to Reach All

Dear Blog Friends,

I began Langston's Learners over a year ago as a way to connect families with the daily happenings of our classroom. Since then, many teachers have began to follow us. Which I LOVE! I am passionate about teaching first grade, but also enjoy reaching out and helping other teachers.  Therefore, I created Teach to Reach AllI am so excited about this new adventure! This blog is designed specifically for teachers. I will not only share what I am doing in my classroom, but give tips on creating a community of learners where all students thrive. Though, I hope you will continue to follow Langston's Learners, please hop on over and follow my new blog.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Around Town

Cincinnati has so much to offer!  You can find amazing daily events...especially in the summer.  This weekend, in Madeira, Madcap Puppet Theater is coming to McDonald Commons.  They will be performing "Tales of Flight with the Wright Brothers" at 11:00 AM on July 16th

Yoga Home is having a week long summer camp for kids ages 5-12 in August.  There are two sessions to choose from...one in Oakley and one in Symmes Township (Mason).  Click here for more info.

Hope you're are enjoying the summer!