Thursday, April 15, 2010

Roller Coasters

This week we studied forces of motion using a lesson from the book More Picture Perfect Science.  Last year Milford teachers were lucky to receive professional development from the authors of this book.  I am excited to be taking their class this summer through Miami University.
We began the lesson by reading Roller Coaster.  This simple, but powerful children's book shows readers the various emotions of riding a roller coaster from beginning to end.  You can see our students' roller coaster expressions above.
After the book, students were presented with several roller coaster challenges.  Could they get the ball to go faster?  Slower?  Could the ball go over a hill?  Two hills?  The ultimate challenge was to get the ball to go around a loop.  One group had success with this twice!
The next day we learned about gravity through the book I Fall Down.  Did you know that if there was no air a hammer and feather would land at the exact same time?  Check out this video.Apollo 15 feather drop


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the updates, Mrs. Langston! It gives us additional insite in to our childrens days in class. It is greatly appreciated! - Paul

Anonymous said...

I like that the roller coaster project was a very hard challenge for the students in Mrs. Langston's class. -Lottie

Anonymous said...

I love the blog concept. I intend on checking this frequently! Thank you for instilling such a love of learning in these children. Kelly Klodell

Anonymous said...

Hello to everyone in Mrs. Langston's class! I am so impressed by your blog, and I will check it often to see what you all are up to. I love your post, Lottie! You all are so lucky to have Mrs. Langston as your teacher...she is just so wonderful! See you on Firday in art. Love, Mrs. Cooper

Christa Guntzelman said...

What a great idea! Great to keep in touch with the classroom events!

Mia Dearing said...

I liked doing that project.

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