Saturday, April 9, 2011

Peter Pan

What a day yesterday!  We have been waiting and waiting and FINALLY our field trip day arrived!  Our first grade district field trip is going to the Taft Theater in downtown Cincinnati.  We began our trip by eating lunch at Sawyer Point, then enjoying the playground for a few minutes.  The rain held off and the students had a wonderful time.  Here we all are at Sawyer Point.

Next, we arrived at the Taft Theater to enjoy the performance of Peter Pan Jr.   It was fantastic!  The Children's Theater of Cincinnati put together a great adaptation of the Disney classic.  There was flying, singing, and great effects.  Overall, it was just so much fun.

Some of us were exhausted on the way home!

We finished our day by creating a class book about our field trip.  It was a great day!


Dana Baker said...

We had a field trip on Tuesday to see the same play! That is so great that your kids got to eat lunch and play at Sawyer Point - we were only downtown for the play.

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