Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Transformation of Rm 105

The countdown has begun! In less than one week, we will begin our year long journey of exploring, learning, and growing. I can hardly wait! One of my favorite things to do is "design" our classroom. I just love creating a space for students that is welcoming and inspiring.

I want to share with you what I have been doing over the past month. Here are few "before" photos. We pack our room every year for cleaning.

 This is the view from our door. I love my large window! I think I have all the space in the world when everything is contained in one area.

 This is the room divider. It is never opened, but half of it is bulletin board and half is magnetic. We have lots of space for displays.

 This is the magnetic part of the wall. It will be transformed into our word wall.

I decided I wanted to change things up this year. I can't wait to it all comes together! Here are some photos of the progress...
This is where we will display our Hopes and Dreams and our Community Standards.

We will use the board above the computers to display our work. This area is not complete. I purchased new tables for our computers. I'm SO excited!!! Just wait!

This is my desk. I do not have a traditional teacher desk. I chose to have just a computer table to allow for more usable space in the classroom. You can see all the goodies I had purchased that day...stickers, birthday hats, pencils, and of course a snack mix to get me through the day.

 My break time. Between the heat (No air yet, but we will on the 22nd! Yea!!!) and all the ideas I wanted to do, but couldn't, I was felt stuck. Thank goodness for Debbie Diller and Iced Coffee! I was ready to get back at it! 

 Part of our writing area. The Imagination Station came from First Grader At Last. We will put our Writing Workshop mentor texts in the book case.

This is the front of the room, by the SMART board.This area will be used mostly for storage.

 Remember the brown, magnetic wall? Here it is complete! Have you noticed a theme yet? Everything is blue and green. Most things have two or more purposes in our classroom. We will meet in guided reading groups at this table, but students can complete work at the table throughout the day.

 Closer view of the word wall. Fadless blue paper, new frog border, and the adorable alphabet stick kids. We will add five new words a week to our wall. 

 This area is a work in progress. This will be my guided reading shelf. It will hold some of the books, tools, and resources I use while meeting with groups.

 This area is not complete yet either. We have new bookshelves!
Well, there's a sneak peak. Check back Tuesday night for the big reveal!


Mrs. Wheeler said...

Looking great, Shannon! I, too have tons of stick kids in my room. I am obsessed with them! Ha!

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