Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Community Standards

We worked hard last week developing our Community Standards. We began the year by creating a class book about Why we go to school. Then each student came up with a Hope and Dream for the school year.We moved onto how we can help each other reach our Hopes and Dreams by creating our Community Standards. Community Standards are like rules. However, the standards are things we will do instead of what we won't do.

Students began listing rules for our class. Then we changed each "don't" into a "do." Next, we sorted rules into groups. The students felt that "Walk" and "Go down the slide," could all be covered with "Be Safe."

These are standards developed BY the students. I guided students when needed, but they felt these five should be our standards for the year.

I typed our our standards in fun fonts and today the students were able to decorate the letters. We worked with the word cooperation before beginning. Here are some students hard at work.

Each group worked together on one standard. I have hung up the Community Standards on a special bulletin board, but you'll have to wait for the big more special addition.


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