Sunday, January 8, 2012

Who Dey!

That was going to be my title when I planned on posting this yesterday. Even though the Bengals lost, we had fun on Friday, supporting out favorite team. I just LOVE this photo! Our Steelers fan was not too happy with all the Bengals fans. They are playing right now.  I think he might have that face when he arrives at school tomorrow morning...Maybe they'll make a comeback.

I couldn't resist taking this photo. The two students who support other teams than the Bengals are Literacy Station partners. The pocket chart station is right in front of my reading table. I just laughed when I saw them working together.
Now onto our week...
Here is our new behavior board. This was taken before we started on Tuesday. 
Our Attendance board for the month of January.

This week we worked on short u.

We also began our data analysis unit in Math.
We sorted buttons by different attributes. The top group sorted by color, middle group by number of holes, and bottom group by size.

We also played Guess My Rule.
His rule was "Big Shells."

Her rule was "Things you can sit on."

He stumped us. Can you guess?...Michigan Colors! HaHaHa!

Here is our January calendar.
We're counting to the 100th Day of school. Less than 20 school days!

Our theme this week is about Matter. We examined the characteristics of ice. Through our experiment students learned about solids and liquids. We also learned that liquids will change shape, but solids will not.

Finally, I will leave you with our New Year's Resolutions. This year we want to stop biting our nails, eat healthier food, and get stronger. Happy New Year!


Lory Robinson said...

We have given you the Liebster Award!

Rausch's Readers said...

Ahhh I love looking at all your pictures and awesome activities!! I need to get motivated again and use our SMART Board again. Thanks for the new ideas!!

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