Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Party

Oh what a day! I love Valentine's Day. We had a great time completing activities and games. Here are some highlights.

In the morning we made funny Valentines. This idea came from Mrs. Mullins at The Inspired Apple.

It says "_________________ mustache you a question.  Will you be my Valentine?"
These are currently displayed in the hallway and getting a TON of compliments!

We also read the story Love, Splat and wrote about love. The responses are just precious.

Love is...when my mom makes me breakfast in the morning.

Love is when my friends play video games with me.

Here are a few other responses.
Love is..
when my mom hugs me when I cry.
when I get hurt and my dog licks me.
when my mom and dad give me kisses and hugs.

I could just cry!

We also made Valentine's Day holders and passed out Valentines.

We had a BLAST at the party. Check out us in action.
We made rings!

We made Valentine's Day words.

We played Pin the Heart on the Bear!
And there was corn hole!

(I know I have photos. That was the station I worked! I do not know why they didn't show up. I will reload some.)

Here we are all together. Look at those hearts! It was quite funny.

Many students dressed for the occasion. Check out these shoes.

Thank you to all the parents who assisted at the party and a special thanks to our room parent for planning the party. It was a huge hit!


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