Thursday, May 10, 2012

13 days to go!

What day is it? It is hard to believe that there is only 13 days left. We have so much to do!! You can hear the summer excitement and you can see it as well. This is the beginning where our daily schedule begins to be replaced with special events, assessments, and just end of the year activities. We celebrated Right to Read Week, rehearsed our Mother's Day Tea, and began our end of the year assessments. All this, while trying to continue our current units of study. In addition we kicked off the Walk-a-thon today! I am so excited for this event! Here's a few photos from the week...

Finishing up our fiction unit in Writing Workshop.

Working on our Comparing and Constructing unit in Math. Here, students had to build a wall using a rectangular prism as a starting place. The middle group decided to work together to build a wall the length of the table. Love it!

Here are our guest readers for Right to Read week.

We had one tough PE class! I picked them up from special and almost every student was bright red in the face and dripping in sweat. The children told these boys they looked like mad scientists :). They decided they liked that role. I couldn't resist taking a photo.

Walk-a-thon 2012! We kicked it off today. The committee introduced the theme, shared the prizes, and got the students pumped up! We were ready to dance!

I'll end with a sneak peak at our Mother's Day gifts. I will share more photos this weekend.


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