Thursday, May 3, 2012

My name is Mrs. Langston and I'm your child's teacher

So hi there! I know I kind of disappeared there for about awhile. I cringed when I saw my last post. All I can say is sorry. We have been very busy in room 105. Author visit, Poetry Coffeehouse, and of course reading, writing, and arithmetic. I will share just a few things.

First up...Poetry Coffeehouse. This was a HUGE success. The pictures do not do it justice. We had a "fire" going on in the background, student artwork hanging up, and some pretty amazing poets!

We also had our annual school Art Show. Mrs. Cooper always does an amazing job! This year the lead artists made stained-glass art to put above the doorways in our entrance. Isn't it beautiful?! This was done by 4-6th graders!

Speaking of Mrs. Cooper...did you hear she got us a pig?!! To my readers not from Cincinnati, businesses and organizations can purchase a pig to decorate. You can read more here. They stay downtown all summer. This year Cincy is hosting the World Choir Games. Mrs. Cooper was able to get a pig donated!! The students and parents have been busy getting it ready for the flying pig marathon. It turned out a-mazing! I'm not sure if you can see it in the photo, but those are silhouettes singing toward the musical notes, which spell out BES.  WOW!

Let's move onto another exciting event. Our author visit. We were SO lucky to have Christopher and Jeanette Canyon come to our school. I do not have words to express how fantastic they were. We learned so much about illustrating and we even sang! Here is Jeanette talking with our students about how she created some of her images in Over in the Ocean.

So now I will share a few things from our room. We have been working on our reading fluency. Students are using the iPad to record themselves reading, then playing it back to hear if they sound fluent. The kids LOVE it! We use the iTalk app.

In celebration of Earth Day, we made reusable bags out of old t-shirts!

Finally, we have been working with magnets this week.

The magnetism goes through the paper!
This student taped a string to our table and put a paper clip in the string. The students had SO much fun making the paper clip "hang" in the air!

Well, that is all I will share this evening. I will be back..I PROMISE! I want to share photos of our "Synonym Rolls" and next week is the Mother's Day Tea!


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