Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year

Back to school time! I L.O.V.E, LOVE this time of year! New crayons, new pencils, new students! I received my class list last week and have begun writing names on everything. In the summer, I feel kind of lost. My students are always my students, but I do not have a "class." I get so excited when I receive my class list.
I have been busy this summer. Back in May, I felt like the summer would drag on; it was a long summer for us, but it went by so quickly. I took Picture Perfect Science this summer through MU. I recommend this class/workshop to any teacher. By far it was one of the best professional development experiences of my career. The first grade teachers of Milford have gotten together several times throughout the summer to discuss implementation of Reading Workshop. For all the parents out there: the first grade teachers are AMAZING in Milford. I feel so fortunate to work with such a dedicated and passionate group of individuals.
I have also redesigned my classroom. I have always been passionate about classroom community and set up my routines and schedule to promote community. This year I am making the classroom more student centered. It is their classroom anyway. I DO NOT have assigned seats! I am thrilled about this. Honestly, I am a bit nervous. But if I am going to teach in the way I feel is best for learning and growth, it needs to be done. And with modeling and practicing, it will become routine in no time. Really, we do so much hands-on, cooperative learning, only a small percentage of our day is sitting independently. I want to walk into the classroom and feel that it belongs to the students.
I will post pictures next week. The classroom is almost ready. I am still working on details.
To all my new students...I CANNOT wait to meet you! And to my past students...Please stop by on Meet the Teacher and give me a hug. I want to hear all about your summer.


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