Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Quilt

We ended our unit on Shapes with a study of Quilts.  This was such a fun week-long study!  We began by taking a gallery walk of the quilts brought into our classroom.  Students observed patterns created with shapes we had studied all month long.  We had quilts with rhombus patterns, square patterns and even hexagon patterns!

We then read books about quilts.  Here are a few of our favorite quilt books:

Here is a list of more children's books about quilts:

Our next step was designing quilt squares.  Each student designed six quilt squares then chose their favorite to create their quilt.

After choosing their favorite quilt design, students used the square as a guide to create an entire quilt.  Each paper quilt was made of nine quilt squares. 

What amazing patterns they created!  It was so neat to see how other shapes were formed when all nine squares were completed.
We were inspired by The Kindness Quilt to create a Thanksgiving Quilt.  Students wrote and drew what they were thankful for and we hung the pieces together to create our beautiful Thanksgiving Quilt.

Now if I could just create a real quilt :)!


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