Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Technology is amazing!  There is so much I do with my students now that I could not have imagined doing with my students ten years ago.  Today we Skyped for the first time!  What an experience!  We were able to see and talk with a third grade class from North Carolina.  We took turns asking questions about our school, community, and state.  The students in North Carolina were shocked to learn that it was 4 degrees when we came to school this morning.  They also could not believe that we are a K-6 school.  I look forward to more Skype projects!


Mrs. Ibarra said...

Love your blog! Thanks for sharing what you are doing with your students. It gives other teachers, like me, new ideas. Thanks!

Ms.M said...

How wonderful. Makes me want to try it with my students.

Amy Rider said...


I love this! You are such an awesome teacher! : ) Are these 3rd graders your penpals?

Have a great day!!


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