Thursday, February 17, 2011

100 Days Smarter

Many schools celebrated the 100th Day of school a few weeks ago.  With our late start and several snow days we are a bit behind.  But today it was finally here.  Hip Hip Hooray!  Here is my amazing class all decked out in our Frog shirts.  We made the shirts for special days.  Aren't they the cutest class ever?!

We celebrated the 100th day  It began in morning meeting.  I always ask a morning question.  Many times we estimate.  This week we have be estimating coins, then writing the value.  Today I had 100 pennies in jar.  Apparently I am pretty predictable.  Every student estimated 100 pennies.  Here we are putting them in groups of ten to count.
Next came a reading of 100 Hungry Ants.  Students had to draw a way the ants could march in equal rows.  This lesson came from mathwire.  We also (tried) to write 100 words.  We made text-to-self connections with 100th Day Worries.

After lunch the fun began.  The students enjoyed our 100th Day Stations.
1.  Estimation Station.  Is it more or less than 100?
2.  How many ways to make 100? (A favorite)  Students did addition, subtraction, and multiplication.  They used tally marks and created coin combinations.
3.  Name patterns.  Students had to write their first name over and over again in a 100 chart, then color the first letter to create a pattern.  This also came from Mathwire.
4.  100th Design.  Students got the number 100 and had to create a design with those numbers.  This idea comes from Michelle Gagne.  This was SO much fun.  Students created faces, bikes, necklaces.  I will have to take some more photos and post them on the blog.
5.  100th Day Snack.  A very yummy station. Students each got 10 pieces of 10 items to eat 100 pieces of yum!

We had so much fun!  The students did an AMAZING job with the stations, even with a surprise fire drill.

We finished up our celebration after special.  Yesterday, students used Pixie to draw a current self-portrait and one of what they will look like when they are 100.  We printed them out and colored them.  Today, students wrote what they can do now and what they hope to do when they are 100.  Students hope to see, walk, and eat when they are 100.  This is a modified lesson from Mrs. Jump and Mrs. Larremore

It was such a special day!  Thanks to all the parents who helped make the day a HUGE success!


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