Saturday, October 29, 2011

Harvest Stations

What a fun day! After taking our word wall assessment, we jumped into some pumpkin activities. We started with Math. We went over the quilts we created on Thursday and examined the patterns. Then students created another quilt for our class quilt. Each student had to create a jack-o-lantern using pattern blocks. We reviewed the names of the pattern blocks and how they could go together. Here are a few results...

I am creating our class quilt and will post the finished product. It already looks great! After the students created their jack-o-lantern quilt, they had to graph the pattern blocks used. The idea and worksheet came from my teacher friend Michelle.

We did work on the life-cycle of the pumpkin, but I forgot to take photos of their work.

After special we had our Harvest Celebration. Thank you to all the families who volunteered their time or donated an item for this special event. The kids had SO much fun!

We taste tested apples and graphed our favorite.

We labeled the parts of an apple.
(We had a little helper at that station.)


We compared the weight of a mini pumpkin to the weight of an apple.
We made a very cute pumpkin craft.

Thanks again to all the volunteers. Next week, we will continue our Harvest unit with the study of apples.


Mrs. Wheeler said...

I love the geometry pumpkins! And...your new blog layout is amazing. Can you believe it's almost November!?

Langston's Learners said...

Thanks Megan. I found the free template at Trendy Girl. I am looking a few free ones at LeeLou for, I cannot believe it is almost November!
I was so happy with the Geometry Pumpkins. My kids are super creative!

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