Saturday, October 15, 2011

What's up in Room 105?

This week seemed to fly by! With being out two days and an early release day, it was over before I could blink. Regardless, we had a very busy week. I wanted to share some photos of our two favorite activities of the week.
We have dived into our study of geometry in math. Since day one in Math Investigations, students have been making discoveries on how the pattern blocks fit together. This week we really focused on how we can make pattern block shapes with other shapes. Students began with the game "Fill the Hexagons." Here students roll two pattern block cubes and decide where to place the pattern blocks on the board. The board is full of hexagons. The game is over when all the hexagons have been filled. I was out that day so I do not have photos.

The game led us to our focus of decomposing shapes in different ways. We learned that two triangles make a rhombus. A rhombus and a triangle make a hexagon, as well as three triangles. We took that knowledge and found eight ways to make a hexagon.

On Thursday and Friday, we focused on finding different combinations of pattern blocks to fill the same shape area.

We now move on to the second Investigation of the unit. Students will be identifying attributes of shapes, comparing shapes, and exploring with triangles and quadrilaterals.

Students really enjoyed our Math unit, but the highlight of the week was the visit from Miami Township Fire Department. Last week, we studied fire safety. On Thursday, the Fire Department came for a Fire Safety event. I have never seen the students clean up so quickly and quietly as I did when the fireman walked into our room! They were SO excited! Students learned more about fire safety rules and had the opportunity to learn about the features of a fire truck. It was a great hands on activity to learn about the importance of fire safety.

I do wish I would have taken another class photo, but it was raining. We were trying to get in as fast as possible.
After the visit, we completed an interactive writing activity. Students wrote a letter to the Firefighters thanking them for the visit.

I cannot wait for next week! Wizard of Oz!!!


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