Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Week Goals

Our First Week Goals were about building community and learning about expectations and routines.  We practiced lunch each day and the students are doing a great job!  This week we also participated in several Guided Discovery sessions.  Guided Discovery is a technique used to introduce tools, stations, and activities to the students.    The purpose is to learn how to use these tools or complete an activity responsibly, cooperatively, and safely.  This week students explored our tools and math manipulatives.
We completed self portraits over a three day period.  We began by introducing the pencil.  We discussed the purpose of the pencil, how it is used, and where the pencils go in the classroom.  Students explored with the pencils by sketching a self-portrait.  The next day we completed the same procedure with crayons...students colored their self-portriat.  We finally explored scissors and glue by cutting out and gluing the letters of our name on the self portrait.  The self portraits are adorable!


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