Saturday, March 19, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Over the past two weeks we have been studying Fairy Tales.  It is such a fun unit!  We began by using our schema and learning the elements of a Fairy Tale.  Thanks Abby for the great resource.  It was perfect timing!.  Then we jumped into Fairy Tales by working with Cinderella and Cinderella stories from Around the World.  We had fun comparing each version.  Our favorites were Rough Face Girl and Cindy Ellen

Students were excited to read Peter Pan.  We cannot wait to go to the Taft Theater in April to watch a performance of Peter Pan Jr..  After reading Peter Pan, students created Peter and wrote about Never Land.  We have them displayed around the classroom.

Students also enjoyed Hansel and Gretel.  They did a great job not eating all the candy for the candy houses.

Using Little Red Riding Hood students studied adjectives and sequencing.  During word work, we used adjectives to describe Little Red and the Wolf.  We created a sequencing quilt in the afternoon.  Each student drew one part of the story.

We also worked with Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Little Pigs.  We used different versions of the Three Little Pigs for Reader's Theater. We finished up the unit yesterday by completing a Fairy Tale tree map.  The unit was great fun!  And even my boys who were dreading the unit, enjoyed it by the end.


Mrs. Wheeler said...

I am looovvving the little Peter Pan's! Adorable!

Mrs. M said...

I see you have crayons in a little basket. Does that help with them not losing them? The kids seem to lose their crayons all the time.


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