Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ooey, Gooey, Oobleck!

What if something NEW fell from the sky?  That is what King Darwin of Didd wanted in the Dr. Seuss classic Bartholomew and the Oobleck.  The story teaches readers how powerful the simple words "I'm sorry" can be.  Though the students enjoy the story (and listened through the ENTIRE reading) , the making of Oobleck is the favorite part.  The smiles and "wows" make the lesson so worthwhile.  It is a "must-do" in my teacher files.

Students were given a paper to go along with the lesson.  (It has the directions on at the top, so parents you can make it with your children on a rainy weekend.)  We put the water, glue and food coloring in a large bowl.  Then more water and borax in the second bowl.  At this point students recorded their predictions for what would happen when we combined the two bowls.

The the "wows" began when the two bowls were combined.  After draining the excess liquid, each student was given a piece of the Oobleck.  Students had to describe how it felt in their hands.  Finally students wrote about the properties.

I do believe the lesson was in the top 5 activities for many students.  They could not believe they got to take it home!

I am looking forward to this week...Fairy Tales!


Sass Class said...

Can you post your recipe, please. I have the one that uses cornstarch and water.

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