Sunday, January 23, 2011

Picture Perfect Science

If you teach Science, this is the book for you!  Picture Perfect Science was developed by two Mason, Ohio teachers.  Emily and Karen are amazing!  I have been lucky enough to participate in two of their workshops and their lessons are some of my favorites.  They are the ones that got me excited about teaching Science.  Miami University just posted their summer courses for the Green Institute.  You cannot beat it.  $300 for two weeks.  In return, you earn 6 credit hours (4 in summer and 2 for 2 follow-up classes), many, many resources, inspiration, and two weeks of fun!  Trust me, you'll love it and your kids will LOVE the lessons!  If you are too far away to participate you can order their book on Amazon or check our their website.  They are also on facebook.

More Picture-Perfect Science is for K-3...and they are working on a new book for K-3.  My favorite lessons are Magnetic Dog and Roller Coaster.  You can check out my post from April 2010 of my students engaged in the Roller Coaster Lesson.


Michelle said...

Shannon-I went to one of their classes. If you get the credit hours, it say zoology. Can use those towards renewal of your teaching license?

Langston's Learners said...

I believe they went toward my license. I have taken three Green Institute classes and submitted them to ODE when I renewed my license last year. I never heard anything otherwise. I did have some other classes too. I got my pay raise with the classes. And I know many other teachers in my district have used the Green Institute. You cannot beat the price and resources.

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Yay! Shannon, are you going this year to the Green Institute? Also, have you received all 6 credits from Miami for PPS yet?

Mrs. Wheeler said...

What I meant was: Is there anything else available? I see PPS will be back again! I wish everyone in my building would go!

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