Monday, January 10, 2011

You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Here at BES, we always spend the first two weeks back from break on a Properties of Matter Unit.  We use snow and ice as our focus in studying solids and liquids.  Last week we began our study by investigating ice cubes.  We completed several experiments and used modified ScienceLinks lessons.  (We are going to complete Water 3 later this week.)  Today we had some FUN!  Students studied solids and liquids using Deanna Jump's Ice Cream in a Bag lesson from Simple Science 2.  Oh what fun and may I add...Delicious!  I loved hearing students shout..."It's turning into a solid!"  Parents, I wish I would have video recorded my students shaking their hearts out.  Your children are adorable!
A few notes...towels, lots and lots of towels.  I had covered my tables with bulletin board paper.  It helped, but I still had quite a mess to clean up. Gloves!  I had my students wear gloves.  They are shaking the bag for about 15 minutes.  It gets quite cold.  Finally, at least an extra pair of hands.  Next year I will ask for a volunteer or two.
It was a great experience.  I will be adding this to my must do lessons!


Megan said...

OOOH! Sounds great! I will have to check that out!

ashly2499 said...
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ashly2499 said...

Very 'cool' experiment! (ha!) I've been wanting to do this. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

I have a brand new first grade teaching blog!
Check out my unit on Arctic animals.


Cari said...

Haven loved this activity and talked about it for days. We had to go buy the ingredients to make it at home. I am saving it for our next snow day activity or maybe some family night fun.

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