Saturday, December 17, 2011

Celebrations Around the World

We traveled the world this week. Last week students went to Mexico, Germany, and Australia. This week we went to Sweden, Italy, and England. It was great fun. We made these suitcases to carry all of our activities, our passport, and information. We put flags on the front to show some of the countries we were visiting.

Mr. Holden taught the students about Christmas in Italy. They learned about La Befana.

Students traveled with me to Sweden.We learned about St. Lucia Day that is celebrated Dec. 13th. Here are my Star Boys.

And my St. Lucia girls...

Mrs. Weiler taught the students about Christmas in England. The students made a Christmas card.

We continued to learn about Celebrations around the World with a special presentation on Friday. Two students taught us about Celebrations in Islam. We learned about Ramadan and how it is celebrated. Students learned that during the month of Ramadan, people fast from Sunrise to Sunset. We also learned that a big celebration, Eid-ul-Fitr, marks the end of Ramadan. The children modeled how to say hello in Arabic for us too. The students received a copy of Arabic letters and were fascinated that you read Arabic right to left!

We are going to learn about Hannukah on Monday.


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