Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Skyping with New Friends

Today was a very special day in rm 105. We had our first Skype session of the year. Today we met new friends from British Columbia, Canada! It was so fun! They wished us a good morning, as we said good afternoon. They are 4 hours behind us here in Ohio.

Here are a few facts we learned about our new friends...
1. They have "toboggan days" three days a week instead of recess.
2. They have snow November through March!
3. They do not have snow days.
4. In the summer it does get warm enough to swim in the lake.
5. They sing O Canada every morning.

Hopefully we will get to talk to our Canadian friends again soon. Tomorrow we get to Skype with children in Alaska!
(Sorry the photo is so bad. I was trying to take a photo and focus on the skype at the same time.)


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