Saturday, December 10, 2011

The most exciting week...

 Aren't we cute?! What a special day we shared yesterday. The children were so excited to wear their pajamas to school for Polar Express Day. It was so neat to see the entire first grade dressed in pjs as the Conductor read The Polar Express. We spent the entire day focused on the classic story.

We began by making predictions by listening to some of the words in the story.

Next, the first grade hear the "Conductor" (Mr. Holden) read the story.

Then we worked on the story elements of the story. We not only identified the characters and setting, but worked on the problem and solution. The students also completed a story map to show the events of the story.

Students enjoyed rereading the story.

Now are you ready to board The Polar Express?

The Conductor punches our tickets.

Here are the activities we completed while aboard The Polar Express...
We made Polar Express Pajama Glyphs. Precious!! We will be analyzing the data on Monday. These will be displayed in the hallway along with a writing.

We wrote about the best gift of all...

We made words from the letters in Polar Express. 

We also enjoyed yummy hot chocolate and then we had the biggest surprise...A delivery from the North Pole! (Of course I did not get photos of that!) But you will never guess what was inside...A Silver Bell for each student!! And they were freezing!!!

He's ringing his bell.

The kids had so much fun! However, that is not all we have been up to in our classroom. You can check out the two previous posts about our Skyping sessions.
We finished up our cards for the Holiday Card Exchange. We have been receiving cards all week too. We have a special bulletin board in hallway displaying the cards and showing us the location of the class. I will post a photo this week.

Last Friday, we made Santas and wrote him a letter.
I also forgot to take photos of our Celebrations around the World this week. So stayed will see photos of us as we continue our travels next week.


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